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Best RF Practices Receiver Multicoupler
DSRMC06 Series

In a modern radio communications system the receiver multicoupler forms the heart of the system.  With the integral low noise amplifier (LNA) placed before all system receivers, the LNA low noise figure determines the ultimate sensitivity of the entire system. Featuring a noise figure lower than commercially available receivers, the attainable system noise figure may be better than that obtained with the radio receivers alone.


The dbSpectra DSRMC06 Series multicoupler is designed to stringent industry standards to provide the performance and features required by today’s complex digital radio systems. Coupled with dbSpectra’s line of milled window filters or, when required, custom-designed filter systems, the RMC06 will provide unparalleled system performance. At low-noise radio sites system sensitivity will be at its best allowing field unit talkback from difficult locations when critical communications are necessary. Important features of the DSRMC06 include:

  • Available in all land mobile radio bands from VHF through 900 MHz.
  • Low noise figure and excellent RF gain for improved system sensitivity.
  • High output third-order intercept point (IP3) for intermodulation interference immunity.
  • Small size for easy rack integration – takes up only one rack unit.
  • Wide range of AC or, optionally, DC power capability with low power requirements.
  • LED and dry contact output alarm reporting – provides positive indication of LNA issues.
  • Front panel 30 dB decoupled test port to allow testing all connected receivers.
  • Electronic step attenuator for adjusting overall gain in 1 dB increments.
  • Connections for adding a post-LNA filter – to provide filtering without affecting noise figure.
  • The output eight-way splitter is self-terminating – no external loads are needed.

Please refer to the attached datasheet and product manual for additional information. Be sure to contact dbSpectra for information on the filter required for your specific application.